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Kosher Restaurants in New Jersey and their Crews Hospitality

June 29, 2012, by KosherTeaneck, on Kosher Restaurant Teaneck

Kosher Restaurants in Teaneck New Jersey


Kosher Restaurants in TeaneckEating out at the Kosher Restaurants in Teaneck New Jersey. Although the main reason we go to a restaurant is to eat, you have to admit that that’s not the only thing we experience when we visit a restaurant. Things like, ambiance, friendliness of the crew, cleanliness, price and food all come in to play when we visit a restaurant. The restaurant that I’d like to specially talk about is the kosher restaurants in Teaneck New Jersey. Just yesterday, I’ve visited one of the kosher restaurants in Teaneck NJ and I can’t help but commend their crews’ hospitality. From the time I entered the store, took my orders, during the course of my meal, and the time I walked out of their store, the warmth of their crews are strongly felt. These are the priceless things that their crews possess that other should desperately follow:

• Genuine Smile
Unless their crew practiced it a gazillion times, their smile wouldn’t look sincere unless they meant it! Opening the door with crews smiling at you gives you a feeling of “welcomeness” that it creates an inward positive impact to you. The impact that their smile brings spreads within you like wild fire causing you to look at things at a positive light which in turn, makes you smile as well.

• Suggestive Selling
I am not an expert in kosher restaurants but I’ve been in way too many restaurants before to know if the cashier that I’m talking to is efficient or not. Let me be the one to tell you that you’re in good hands in Teaneck’s kosher restaurants. Not only did they ask me what my order was but they even suggested what’d best go with the food that I’m ordering. The moment I told the cashier that it’s my first time in a kosher restaurant; he already knew the probing questions to ask me from, are you into spicy, sweet types of foods to how I want my drinks to be made. From there, the cashiers suggestive selling gave me the type of foods that I am best suited with and it’s my first time being in a kosher restaurant! Isn’t that neat?

• Crews would Regularly Check-up on You

Kosher Restaurants in New JerseyI felt that I am well taken cared of with all of my needs the whole time I was there, while I was eating, the crews would occasionally visit my table and ask if there’s anything I need like water, condiments, tissues etc… These small things can indeed get through to your customers as a sign of concern and hospitality.
So you see, that’s how impressive they are with their service. The kosher restaurants in New Jersey are in-fact the best when it comes to food, service, and not to mention hospitality. If you’re looking for a kosher restaurant who knows how to value customers, you know where to go.

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